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Creative Partner is an interior design company specializing in European style kitchen and bath design as well as functional floor plan drawings for home remodels and additions. We create beautiful, modern as well as elegant, traditional designs, helping you plan your complete project from start to finish.

German-born owner, Petra Jakobskrueger, has high quality standards, discerning taste, and the ambition that customers enjoy the experience and quality of service. Our team helps visualizing different design options with 3D views of your space and often sees possibilities you didn’t even think of, e.g. moving walls or changing the floor plan so it fits best for your family needs.

Petra Jakobskrueger is an expert in listening closely to what you want. She designs your new kitchen, bath, or home addition with your wishlist in mind and makes sure the finished project fits exactly your style and needs, combining excellent functionality with beautiful design. Petra’s immaculate attention to detail, her exquisite European style, and her straight forward approach to things are invaluable assets for any remodeling project.

Why Work With Us?

Remodeling your home is always stressful and costs a lot of time, money, and energy. Often you end up paying more than you had planned on. Our team takes the hassle out of your remodeling project by:

  1. Reviewing your remodeling ideas with you.
  2. Enhancing the process through education, planning, and guidance.
  3. Relieving your stress and anxiety to keep your sanity.
  4. Saving you valuable time by taking advantage of our expertise.
  5. Designing your project functional and to your specific needs. We spend time in your home to see what works and what doesn’t work for you.
  6. Breaking down the confusion of an overwhelming workload into manageable elements.
  7. Making the selection of products and materials fun.
  8. Getting vendor and supplier discounts to save you money.
  9. Shopping without restrictions wherever you like and not just at one store.
  10. Suggest alternate and sometimes more cost-effective solutions, materials, and designs

Check out our photo gallery to see pictures of selected projects or schedule a complimentary project consultation with Petra today.

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