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Petra M. Jakobskrueger – Owner, Interior Designer

Creative Partner is different from any interior design company in the SF Bay Area because of Petra’s unique skill set. Petra is not only a very talented kitchen and bath designer but also creates exceptional, functional floor plans tailored to her clients’ life style. She meets with you multiple times to visualize the possibilities for your home remodel and really understand your needs. Petra will guide you all the way finding the right products and materials for your project. She can also help you finding the best contractor for you. Petra offers to remain on the project as a consultant to ensure the realization of the design.

Petra’s passion for home improvement and real estate round-up the perfect skill set to offer her customers a well-rounded and thought through process to remodel their homes with the least amount of stress and saving them a lot of headaches, time, and money. Petra knows exactly where to shop for your next project, can assist with the permit process, and has a team of experienced, reliable, and trusted contractors on-hand to make sure your remodeling project will get done right the first time and they way you envision it.

Born and raised in Germany, Petra lived in Spain for a while where she studied the Spanish language and culture. She’s traveled to many places in Europe before she moved to California in 2000 where she started her own business ‘Creative Partner’. Petra’s immaculate attention to detail, her exquisite European style, and her straight forward approach to things are invaluable assets for any remodeling project.

“It’s not about us, it’s about YOU.” is Petra’s mission when it comes to designing and planning your new space. Petra is gifted with excellent listening skills that allow her to really connect with her customers and ask the right questions to ensure the project gets done exactly the way you want it. Her design will reflect you! She has the ability to inspire and motivate people which helps tremendously when working with contractors and tradesmen. Petra speaks English, Spanish, and German.

Currently she’s working on her first kitchen remodeling book. She’ll share valuable tips and insights to make every kitchen remodel a success for the homeowner near and far.

Kate Woodard – Interior Designer

Kate Woodard is a home décor expert. She studied Interior Design in the heart of Chelsea, London. Spending her time in many countries, Kate travelled extensively around Europe learning culture and creativity to bring you her unique approach to interior design, offering you the class, elegance and edge of European Style. Kate creates beautiful spaces for you and your family to enjoy.

Making big decisions can be a stressful time, especially when those decisions involve your home. Kate breaks down the process into manageable stages, maintains strong relationships with vendors and receives trade discounts. You will find working with Kate saves you time and money. By listening and learning your world and what is of value to you, Kate takes the guess work out of your project to deliver style, comfort and function to your space.

Kate speaks English and Spanish.

If you’re ready to engage with a creative and strong partner for your next remodeling project, contact us at info@creativepartner.com or call at 1 (408) 871 8100.

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Rules of Thumb: Dining Room Design

Check out these five simple, yet effective decorating tips for your dining room.

1.Let there be low-hung light
Your dining room table and chandelier should be closer than you may think. Hang fixtures 32-38 inches from top of table. If your light source takes up less than 1/4 the width of the table, opt for two identical fixtures splitting the center of the table.
2.Keep centerpieces at arm’s length
Place your elbow on the table. A centerpiece should be no taller than the distance from your elbow to your wrist so that guests can look one another in the eye.
3.Forgo matching furniture
Just as assorted plates create a casually sophisticated vibe, a mismatched dining table and chairs evokes a cozy feel.
4.Set boundaries
There should be 6-8 inches between the back of the chair legs and an area rug’s edge. A 8′ x 10′ rug is usually right on scale for a six-person rectangular dining table.
5.Play in the puddles
When it comes to daperies, you’re better off erring on the side of too much puddle than ‘high water’ hangings. Curtains that gather about 1-3 inches on the floor are just right. This look is also forgiving in a home with uneven floors.

Source: Country Living

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