Kitchen & Bath Design

Kitchen Design

Whether you are planning only a face-lift for your kitchen, a total remodel, or possibly a home addition Creative Partner can design the perfect functional kitchen of your dreams. The kitchen is no longer a room designated for preparing food and eating, but rather a gathering place for friends and family. Is your kitchen designed to accommodate all of the daily traffic it receives? Updating your kitchen could be the greatest thing if you consider just how much time is spent in it. Well designed kitchens are a huge part of the value of your home if you decide to move.

Petra Jakobskrueger can work within your budget to update your current kitchen or design your new dream kitchen from scratch. Besides traditional kitchen design, Petra is an expert in European kitchen design which is much more forward thinking than most American kitchen design. The European design is clean, functional and practical.

She can also assist to work with your local city and obtain the necessary permits if needed.

Bathroom Design

Does your old bathroom need a new floor plan? Whether you are adding a master suite bathroom, guest suite bathroom, powder room or whole bath; there are so many choices in layout and material selections. Petra Jakobskrueger can walk you through the perfect design and help you select just the right materials that reflect your taste. Get the retreat you deserve. Simple updates can give your current bathroom a fresh new look or we can create your new spa-like bathroom. The choice is yours!

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Design and Planning of Your Remodeling Project

Do you need help getting started with your kitchen or bathroom remodel? Petra Jakobskrueger, kitchen and bath remodeling specialist, will come to your home and go over every detail of your remodel with you. Her most important goal is to listen to you and to understand what it is you’re looking for in your new space. She’ll also share her vision and ideas with you while you discuss all possible designs, layouts, styles, and materials.

After the design consultation, Petra will draft your new kitchen or bathroom keeping your ‘must-haves’, your wish list, and you in mind. She’ll send you your custom design draft for review and any changes. Once you approve the design, Petra will create the final layout and provide you with your custom kitchen or bathroom plan. Working with Petra gives you flexibility, you can shop anywhere you want or go custom. You’re not constrained to work with one store who might have done your design. Petra will provide you with a list of trusted vendors she works with.

Petra can also take you on a customized shopping tour. She’ll advice you on every detail of your remodel, e.g. cabinet options, countertop materials, backsplash, finishes, and lighting. Petra will show you her favorite places to shop and going with her she’ll pass on her vendor discounts to you. This can save you thousands of dollars right there.

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